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We have been selling music online since 2002 and are currently listing over 9000 items for sale.
Prog, 12-inch singles, UK/US punk/indie, folk and acoustic, classic rock, R&B, funk, prog, promo-only releases, indie, experimental vinyl, rarely-seen 1960s US/UK folk...and more. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Download our inventory (updated Sept 19, 2017) → Excel (recommended) or → PDF (over 200 pages)

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MusicStack has our full vinyl inventory: Browse or subscribe to new arrivals


New arrivals show up on Discogs first, however you’ll only find around 20% of our listings there. also offers our full vinyl inventory: Browse in English, French, Japanese and German.


New shop on ReverbLP opening December 11th!

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Be seeing you at GoJohnnyGo in White Bear Lake. Open Mon-Fri 1-6pm, Sat 10am-2pm, with Drew Miller in the store Wednesdays and Thursdays. A great place to bring your stuff to sell...


Browse over 4000 LPs in NE Minneapolis: IT Records at FindFurnish. More info on Facebook.


PopUpRecordShop helps you find vinyl in the Twin Cities at various irregular locations. Subscribe to updates via Tumblr.

FINALLY...if we don’t have what you are looking for, maybe one of our friends does.
Send us your want list and we’ll ask our network of dealers. We can also help with your technology needs:

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